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  1. Zanshinkan Karate Annual Kyoshinkai Membership Dues
    Sent January 10th 2018

    Hello everyone, It's that time of year again. Our membership dues for the association we all belong to, Kyoshinkai Budo Renmei, are due. Dues are $12 per student for the year. Cash is fine, or if you'd like to pay via check, please make it out to me (Bil...

  2. Zanshinkan Karate No karate tonight
    Sent January 8th 2018

    I am really getting tired of sending these emails, but the roads are still messed up, and it's next to impossible to get into our parking lot, so no classes tonight. Stay home and stay safe. We should be good for tomorrow night. Shihan Bill ...

  3. Zanshinkan Karate No karate tonight
    Sent January 5th 2018

    hello everyone, We will be closed tonight, Friday, January 5. Stay safe and warm. Classes tomorrow morning should be okay. Shihan Bill ...

  4. Zanshinkan Karate No karate tonight
    Sent January 4th 2018

    Hello everybody, The dojo will not be open tonight, due to the weather. Stay safe and warm, and train at home :). Hopefully, I'll see you all tomorrow night. Shihan Bill ...

  5. Zanshinkan Karate New Year's day
    Sent December 29th 2017

    Hello everyone, We will not be having class Monday night, January 1. We will, however be having our New Year's Day first training of the year (Kagami Biraki) on Monday, January 1, 9:30 am, at the dojo. This ceremony to begin our new year of training is v...

  6. Zanshinkan Karate Christmas party
    Sent December 6th 2017

    Hello everyone, It's hard to believe it's almost Christmas! We will be holding our annual party on Saturday, December 16. It will be at my house (1457 Lake James Drive, Virginia Beach, VA) from 6:00 pm to whenever. All students and their families are inv...

  7. Zanshinkan KarateJust checking in
    Sent November 29th 2017

    Hello, We haven't seen Rishab in quite a while, and I just wanted to check in and make sure everything is okay. Hope to see him soon. Sensei Bill ...

  8. Zanshinkan KarateJust checking in
    Sent November 29th 2017

    Hello, We haven't seen Aylene in a while, and just wanted to make sure everything is okay. We miss her :) Sensei Bill ...

  9. Zanshinkan Karate Annual DNBK Registration
    Sent November 29th 2017

    Hello everyone, It is that time of year again. Annual fees for certified members is $40. General members are $30 (Rick, Alexis,Andreas and Gavin), and Title holders (Marty and I) are $60. Please have the fees to me by Dec. 15, if you would. Cash is fin...

  10. Zanshinkan Karate No Classes on 10/31
    Sent October 26th 2017

    Hello everyone, Just a quick note to remind everyone that there will be no classes on October 31. Happy Halloween, everyone! Shihan Bill ...

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